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Registered Medical Assistant Salary

A Registered Medical Assistant is someone who is registered by the American Medical Technologists – AMT. AMT is the certification body and one of the two well recognized accreditation bodies for Medical Assistant in the healthcare industry. The other industry recognized certification body for Medical Assistants is the American Association of Medical Assistants – AAMA.

AAMA has the reputation for setting high standard for Medical Assistants through their certification program, Certified Medical Assistnat (CMA). Find out more on Certified Medical Assistant Salary.

Registered Medical Assistant Salary

The median national salary of a Medical Assistant is $14.50 (hourly) approx. and $30,000 (yearly) approx. Even though there’s no official data for Registered Medical Assistant Salary, a salary survey run by AAMA on Certified Medical Assistnat shows that a CMA earns on an average 10% more than others in the same position. So if that number is of any indication then it can be safely assumed that the a RMA has the same potential to get extra salary benefits.

However, please keep in mind that CMA and RMA are completely two different types of credentials and one has no influence or relation to the other. So their salary comparison may not be accurate.

Registered Medical Assistant Jobs

Well, the overall job prospect for a Medical Assistant is very strong. In fact it’s one of the strongest job market in the country right now and will stay at this level for at least another decade. With the forecast in mind, more and more people are getting interested in Medical Assistant jobs and getting into the healthcare industry. Which is a great news but at the same time that also creates competition. To make your mark, you have to try and stand out from the crowd and certifications like RMA and CMA help you do that.

CMA and RMA certifications assures the potential employers about your work capabilities and quality of education. That can be enough to get you through the job interview to your dream job.

Find out more on Medical Assistant Resume writing.

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